Building In Public

Odior C Yole
3 min readMar 19, 2022

We are all pursuing different goals and trying to improve our odds daily. Most of the things we find ourselves working on are remarkably interesting — and it’s worth sharing our journey.

If you are not sharing your journey, you’re missing out big time.

How to share your journey

Build in public: This is by far the easiest and most effective way to gain followers…and customers. If you are not putting content out there every step of the way, you are leaving valuable opportunity on the table. This is fairly difficult for me also since I’m a very private person but I’ve seen projects take off because the founders built in public — people feel attached the projects, they contribute feedback, make changes and start to feel like they own a portion of the project which transforms them into ambassadors once the product launches. As a founder, it helps you touch base with your earliest fans and establish your inner circle of trusted user base.

Not technical?

One thing that inhibits most founders from being able to build in public is that they are not technical; they can’t/don’t code so they usually lack ideas on what to share. If this is the case for you, first, it is important you know the entire roadmap from beginning to end. You can share important milestones, share forms for feedback or ask the product team to give you a link which you can share for people to have early access — this also unlocks the feedback loop.

Here are a few tips you can also utilise:

  • Share value: Most times when we share content on social media, we are aiming to make sales. Please take a break. People will follow you if you follow the 3 Es: Entertain, Educate and Engage. You don’t want to be boring when someone visits your profile/page — be entertaining. People should smile, employ sarcasm. Educate people on related topics they can actually use in real life and be sure to engage, respond to people and be there to answer questions.
  • Provide help: This is such a low hanging fruit that people often forget to take advantage of it. All over the internet, people are asking for help, be there to genuinely help people if it’s in your area of expertise. This will do two things for you: help you build a following and trigger the law of reciprocity; people are obliged to help you if you’ve helped them before, so this would mostly come in form of patronage when you eventually launch.

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