How to navigate entrepreneurship better

Odior C Yole
3 min readMar 21, 2022

You spend weeks and months building that shiny new app — because it’s 2022 and apps are billion Dollar businesses these days. Then you ship.

Congrats if you ship. Most never ship.

Most ship and never market = dead.

But you shipped and you marketed aggressively so you have a handful of users. The traffic is coming, people are downloading your app and the churn rate is a little ok, just push a few more features and you’ll be great.

But then, as with every product, people will have pushbacks, some feedbacks will be negative, some comments can send you into depression. This is the internet, a lot of people who can’t build even if their life depends on it can drop comments that will have you questioning your life decisions. It’s easy to fall under the pressures of 100 negative feedbacks, your best team members are getting snatched, your mum says “I told you so” and your daughter doesn’t get to see you in the evenings anymore, let’s not talk about the wife.

Here is how to navigate better as an entrepreneur

  • Enjoy the small wins: The emotions are crazy when you take your wins…and losses. My advise is not to dwell on the losses and also don’t revel too long in your victory. Work goes on. If you guys hit a milestone, celebrate with the team- publicly recognise the hard workers that made it possible. Fushure enables companies reward their high performing staffs with NFT rewards every month. Do it. If you are a solopreneur, tweet about your milestone and go on a victory treat for yourself.
  • Pick your meta and excel in it: Most solopreneurs are 100% online and has zero offline presence. The reverse could also be the case, whichever one you are comfortable with, master it and milk it. Millennials and Gen Zs are mostly keyboard warriors and are more comfortable witting behind a screen, the world doesn’t limit you anymore. “Mum, I’m an internet entrepreneur” became a thing in the year 2000. If you are an offline kinda person, totally go for a walk, take a road trip, visit friends and family. If you are more of an online person, you know the cool spots on the internet where you surf and forget about life’s worries — go there. Netflix and chill, hang out on social media bing watching and catching up, head over to decentraland and explore, play a game. Reward yourself.
  • Enjoy the ups and downs: It doesn’t last. Pressure piles up on you today and the next day, you are on a beach sipping on ice cream without a single care in the world. The projects and the calls can wait. It is usually not the guarantee that keeps us going, it’s the guarantee that we might just build something so remarkable. The daily uncertainty either improves or decreases our chances of hitting our goals — but thats the fun of it and that’s what provides the fuel to do more. Take time out and enjoy yourself. We can be so immersed in our work that we forget to live life, I’ll recommend taking a walk, travelling or engage in “unpopular” activities like speaking with people
  • Give back: Very few things are as fulfilling as giving. When you give back to community or do something nice, the feeling you get when someone smiles or honestly appreciates you is unmatched. It’s a trick that has always worked for me. Most times, when I’m at the edge and things are rough, I do free work- design flyers, do consulting work, redesign a website page, provide feedback on a company’s process…all free. Try it.

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