If I was president

Odior C Yole
2 min readMar 26, 2022

Say by the off-chance, a probability of .00000001% I become president of Nigeria, will things change?

Oh yes!

A nation cannot be changed overnight. So I’ll pick 2 areas and get them to 100%.

Electricity and Refineries. Hear me out. I have a plan.

It will take less than the size of Amen Estate in Lekki to run solar systems that will power the entire country. This is easy enough except we have strong men in power whose businesses involves importing generators. Need to step on a few toes and get it done.

Getting license to modular refineries is the other area I would focus on. A large portion of the diesel we use in Nigeria are refined in people’s backyards. The government keeps finding them and shutting them down — instead of investing in them and giving them licenses. Regulated modular refineries would mean we no longer export crude oil and import finished products = more jobs, less dependency on the Dollar. Easy to do.

Tackling security and education is difficult, possible to achieve over an 8 year period though.

Of course, I can’t do this on my own — so I’ll look within my network, my network! Hire the most effective and enterprising individuals I know, put them on humongous salaries (instead of paying senators and ministers millions for doing nothing), rain accolades on them for every milestone they complete and make them national heroes.

Yes, within the corridors of power, things are a little different. We need to restructure the entire system and that can only be achieved by doing the hard things first — so step one would be to fire all the existing permanent secretaries, drop everybody from the previous administration — from the Chief Justice to the CBN governor. I know, people are about to school me on how I can’t do that because, democracy. Maybe inexperience and lack of knowledge of the corrupted system is what we need to change Nigeria.

You can only be effective in bringing change if you are tackling hard tasks with people you love and trust. Working with your inner circle is a hack. People will bring tribalism and religion into it but that’s fine, in 4 years the difference will be clear.

I’m not running for president.

I’m an entrepreneur and will always be.

If you are here, I am working daily on creating the cheapest internet data plan for Nigerians at 5k per year. Don’t sleep on it — works with your existing sim, no special installation required. 5,000 Naira = 6gb data monthly for one year!

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God bless Nigeria



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