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2 min readMar 28, 2022


I’m told there is a proper way to launch a business and I’m finally listening to the experts.

Fushure, a startup I’ve been working on since 2020 is now nearing launch. We’ve create a token on the binance smart chain network and we plan on making it the token with which anyone can access our suite of products. We believe blockchain technology will power innovations that defines how humanity will live in the near future and we’ve identified 3 areas where we want to lead

  1. The future of work
  2. Cohort based learning communities
  3. Access to the internet

The ecosystem we plan with Fushure shines brighter everyday as we inch towards stepping into the market. I’ll focus more on point 3 in this post.

There are a number of things a man needs to survive: his phone, toothbrush and charger

Ok, ok, that was a joke.

Lets get serious. We need the basics: shelter, food, education and access to the internet. We all bother about a lot of things and at Fushure, we decided to let people worry less about one thing: access to the internet. And we are solving it using defi

Things are still under wraps for now but we’ve done quite a number of things

  1. Launched our website
  2. Launched a waiting list which we put out yesterday and we’ve already amassed a grand tot of 10 people eager for us to launch
  3. We are marketing even when we don’t need to yet. Usually, o launch products then start marketing. The experts thing it should be the other way round.
  4. We are taking feedback early as we build.

These are all unique for me and uncharted territory because I have never launched a product to a wait list before. I literally build products then hope to God people have the problem and that my product solves it, furthermore, marketing has always been a challenge for me. The last time I actually did a bit of marketing was in 2018 when I launched an edtedh product, Verilearn.

Fushure is a standout Startup because it’s a culmination of my learning years and I’m actually doing a lot differently this time.

Fushure Finance is a defi powered platform that crashes the price of internet data subscription to the minimum possible — and it’s billed annually.

I’m excited looking into the future and seeing how dramatically better people’s lives will become as we improve their access to connectivity



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